Discover Panama's Azuero Peninsula

Panama's Azuero Peninsula is a beachlovers destination. Playa Uverito is a safe swimming beach and great for taking long walks. During the week the beach is practically empty and you will have the place to yourself....however it can get pretty lively during local festivals and on Sundays when the locals head for the beach and to eat some fresh seafood  at the little beachfront restaurants.  


December to April is dry season, our favourite time of year.  A cool north wind blows, lowering the temperature and humidity alittle and blowing away any mosquitos!  The ocean is rougher and fun for boogie boarding and great for kitesurfing and windsurfing!  

Isla Iguana
Isla Iguana

beautiful white sandy beach and crystal clear waters


Kitesurf on Uverito from December to March

New Years Eve Las Tablas
New Years Eve Las Tablas

Las Tablas, famous for its carnaval, hosts numerous festivals and celebrations throughout the year.

Sport fishing
Sport fishing

try your luck at sport fishing

Whale watching
Whale watching

From August to October see humpback whales just off the coast.

La Pollera
La Pollera

Panama´s national costume, if you are visiting in January don't miss the parade of the 1000 polleras!


During the dry season from December- March a constant north wind blows cross on shore and cross shore - making Playa Uverito an ideal place to practice the sport.




From August to October humpback whales migrate to the Panama's Pacific waters and if you are lucky and with the help of binoculars you might see whales from our terrace! The best way however is to take a boat trip.  The ocean is usually very calm this time of year and we recommend combining a trip to Isla Iguana Wildlife Reserve with whale watching.  It makes for a fantastic day trip.



Isla Iguana Wildlife Reserve is a 40 hectare island with beautiful white sand beaches and coral reefs.  Home to iguanas, boas and thousands of hermit crabs!  Isla Iguana is a nesting ground for frigate birds and there are always hundreds circling in the sky above the beach.  A fun beach day and great for snorkelling. The island is easily reached by boat from Playa Arenal close to Pedasi, just 30 mins from the POSADA.



Panama´s  Pacific Ocean is a world famous for Sport Fishing. There are several Tour agencies that specialize in sport fishing operating from Pedasi, or you can hire a local fisherman - 1/2 day and full day tours available.


Desfile de las Mil Polleras - (January 14, 2017)
A beautiful parade of Panama's national costume.  Thousands of women parade through Las Tablas wearing the traditional 'Pollera' - a full day festival with lots of traditional music

Carnaval  2017 February 25-28th
Carnaval dates for 2017 are February 25th-28th. Las Tablas, Chitre, La Palma, Santo Domingo and Pedasi all have excellent carnaval celebrations...

Semana Santa 2017 (easter week) - April 9th - 17th
Easter in 2017 is in the 2nd week of April with Good Friday falling on April  14th, Easter is celebrated all over the region with the best processions in the towns of Pese and Peña Blanca de Las Tablas, with their interpretation of the Via Crucis.

Feria de Azuero - April 23-May 3
The Azuero Trade fair is held in the town of La Villa de Los Santos, every year in late April, this is a 10 day country fair.

Corpus Christi - June 15, 2017
This religous festival is held 61 days after Good Friday,  a colourful two week festival with folkloric dances held in La Villa de los Santos.

Fiestas Patronales de Santa Librada - July 19-23
Around 25,000 people visit Las Tablas every year for its Patron Saint festivities.  

Festival de la Mejorana, Guarare - September 22-28
Held in the small town of Guarare, close to Las Tablas, La Mejorana is one of Panama's most popular cultural events lasting 5 days.  Musicians and Folkloric groups from all over the country take part in the parades and shows.

Fiestas Patrias - November 3-5
the 3rd and 4th are national holidays and all the schools participate in marching parades.  The 10th is celebrated in Los Santos 'the first shout of independence'. The 28th is independence from Spain...another national holiday, with marching parades.

New Years Eve - Las Tablas
Las Tablas holds a popular New Years Eve celebration every year.  The town celebrates the coronation of the Las Tablas carnaval queens...a fun all night fiesta! with fireworks and parades.

“We stayed here for a Mejorana Festival..that was in Guarare. About 15 minutes away. It was just perfect. It was quiet specially after being at the town festivities.”

“We stayed for two nights to celebrate the new year and visit Isla Iguana. A perfect location for both adventures. ”

“Do not expect shopping and entertainment, but rather a long stretch of mostly empty beach. A day trip to Isla Iguana added to our pleasure.”